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About Istio

Dec 122017

Hi Guys, in this article I'm gonna talk about how microservices managed by Istio and why we should prefer Istio. Before Istio, the people, who own microservice architecture, are complaining about management of microservices, visualizing service mesh, monitoring of distributed services, service discovery and so on. The announcement of Istio came at a good time because of those issues.

Istio is a platform that hosted on the top of your kubernetes cluster. You deploy your applications(containers) with a special sidecar proxy throughout your environment that intercepts all network communication between microservices, configured and managed using Istio’s control plane functionality. Therefore, you can use Envoy for managing the network, routing rules etc... Service Discovery is also supported by Istio. You don’t have to think about whether or not the network was configured correctly.

I did the POC on their website, described in here: https://istio.io/docs/guides/bookinfo.html. It's clear to understand because it's hosted on the top of kubernetes. You can use your favorite Cloud Provider. (I used GCP's fully managed kubernetes cluster). The content-based request routing(A/B testing for ex.), traffic shifting, fault injection are the most satisfying parts of using Istio.

Istio also has their ready-to-use plugins and add-ons, you can have a look at the addons parts. Grafana-Prometheus for the monitoring, jeager for the tracing, dotviz for the service mesh... All of them are ready to inject. You manage and do custom configurations via their provision ymls.

Check out of those URL's if you are interested in.