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About Continuous Delivery

Jul 262017

In this article, I wanna focus on Continuous Delivery. As described by Martin Fowler, Continuous Delivery is a software development discipline where you build software in such a way that the software can be released to production at any time. This means our packages should be battle tested, reliable, automatically deployable and configurable. That's why we do Continuous Integration. Frequent builds, in turn, lead to more frequent releases. At that point, I ' m on the side of trunk based development rather than git flow.In my opinion, each commit should be deployed to the environments instead of waiting for a silly manual merging operation. We gain more agility and each change becomes simpler and lower risk.

From the business perspective, this idea is the simply perfection. Because this allows organizations to adjust rapidly to changing market conditions.

From the developer perspective, we need to develop and deploy more carefully, adding more test suites not only unit tests but also integration, contract, security etc. to our pipeline is good. Maybe, we should do more pair programming and this is like continuous code review. Frequent production releases make us more aware and we discover new approaches. The approaches we found, actually, Continuous Delivery best patterns.